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Wild Rose is proud to offer local consumers the best selection of foodservice products for your family, school, or business. We carry fresh, frozen, dry food, takeout, beverage, cleaning, and other supplies, along with eco-friendly options. Whether you’re making dinner for family and friends or meeting your customers’ needs, Wild Rose is the clear choice for Albertans.

Read below for an overview of our product offerings, or download our full catalogue. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please reach out via phone or email from our “Contact us” page.

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For some, “fresh” is just a platitude. For us, it’s a promise. Whether it’s from local farmers or far off lands, we offer a range of fresh fruits and vegetables that are thoroughly checked to ensure you receive the best quality every time.


If it’s frozen food you’re seeking, look no further than our 1,200 square foot freezer. From pork loins and chicken wings to ice cream and bakery quality cakes, it’s all here: frozen and first class.


Just as our quality and selection set Wild Rose Food Services apart, the ingredients you choose make all the difference, so we offer the finest selection including sugar, flour, spices, and canned fruit and vegetables, to name a few.


Got milk? Not to worry, as we have plenty of it and a range of dairy products such as butter, margarine, cheese and creamers.


Cleanliness is a must for preserving your reputation and protecting your bottom line. We help you do both with a complete line of high quality degreasers, floor cleaners, bleaches, industrial cleaners and soaps.


Food and drink is like Wild Rose and customer service: They belong together. Our excellent beverage selection, which includes a full line of Coke and Pepsi products, will meet all of your beverage needs. And with our great bulk pricing, you can keep the refills coming.


For your convenience and that of your customers, we stock a wide variety of Styrofoam and plastic containers, cups, plates, and cutlery.


Whether its your industrial restaurant mess hall, or your cozy home kitchenette every chef needs the tools to do their job. From side dishes and mixing bowls, to knifes and soup spoons we have all the tools you need to keep your kitchen running.


Everyone loves a treat, so treat yourself to our massive selection of chocolate bars and candy. Your taste buds will thank you, and so will your customers.


We are always looking outside the box when it comes to helping our customers. Whether we are creating custom menus and menu boards for their business, or fundraising with cookie dough and other products. Ask us how we can help your business!



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